Vegan Wine Guide

Vegans and vegetarians have a hard time finding wine that is suitable for vegetarians or even more rare, for vegans. But fear not, for help is at hand! I have compiled a wide variety of wine that is suitable for all vegetarians, including vegans to drink.

Vegan & Vegetarian Guide to Ireland

Vegans and vegetarians travelling to Ireland can find many restaurants which cater well with a wide variety of food. Vegetarian restaurants, vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly restaurants around the country are listed with reviews of eating out there. In addition there is a variety of vegetarian and vegan accomodation including many bed and breakfasts and holistic centres around Ireland. For your vegetarian and vegan shopping needs there are details on the many health food (wholefood) shops which sell specialist food that we vegans and vegetarians like, along with several organic and farmers' markets that can be a great source of healthy food options in Ireland.

Vegan Guide to Rome

Travelling to Rome? Vegan or vegetarian? There are several good restaurants that you might want to try out.