Vegan & Vegetarian Guide to Rome

A week in Rome is pretty easy for a vegan, especially trying out the Vegan Passport for the first time. This came in especially useful the first night, tired and discovering that the waitress couldn't speak much English or Italian. Flick to page 26 for Cantonese! Specially prepared vegan (cabbage) spring rolls, tofu in various sauces, etc. A good start to our stay.

There's a fair amount of Italian food which is suitable for vegans, from pizza rossa (with just tomato sauce) to the many salads and straight vegetable dishes, like carciofi alla Romana (artichoke) or carciofi alla giuida (fried artichoke). You can usually get a pizza with various toppings and no cheese (senza formaggio) pretty easily, or a pasta dish with tomato sauce (al pomodoro). Always ask for it without cheese because it'll tend to be sprinkled on top no matter what the dish.

You can now easily add your own reviews to all the places listed here, if you would like to suggest a new place, for now .

9 results found
Rating Name Location Type
L'Insalata Ricca Campo dei Fiori Salad bar
Lago Azzuro Esquilino Chinese
Arancia Blu San Lorenzo Vegetarian
Sogo Asahi Spanish Steps Chinese
Margutta Spanish Steps Vegetarian
Naturist Club Spanish Steps Vegetarian
Africa Termini Ethiopean
The Beehive Cafe Termini Vegetarian
Gelateria Blu Ice Trevi Fountain Gelateria