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Gelateria Blu Ice 

Address: via marghera 8
Location: Trevi Fountain
Status: Vegan friendly
Type: Gelateria Restaurant

Description: Located in the Beehive Hotel, two blocks from Rome.s central train station, Termini, the Cucina Karmica is a vegetarian restaurant providing organic, local and seasonally based dishes.


Chels says: 
I ate a lot of soy gelato in Italy, and this place was my favorite! Probably because they were the only place I found with pistachio flavor - yummy! It seemed like maybe half of the gelato shops I walked by in Rome had signs that they carried soya, and I found soya at a place my friend went in that didn't have a sign, so just pop in and ask!

Christa says: 
I'm so disappointed to find Gelateria Blu Ice recommended on nearly every site for vegans in Rome. As an Italian (from Rome) and a vegan, i like to think i have some idea. Most self-respecting Romans would rather put out a cigaretta in Blu Ice gelato than eat it. There are so many better places - i have found more and more gelaterias (and other food establishments) are increasing their vegan/non-dairy/diabetic friendly/sugar-free options. Not to mention that many of the sorbetti (sorbets) are nearly always non-dairy and usually vegan. Some of my favourites include: Bartocci (Via Alessandria 145/147) which do soy and rice flavours, sorbets including a dark chocolate "sorbet" which tastes like a cream-base; plus they have vegan (fresh) whipped cream (not out of a machine!!) and cones. My local Crem Caramel (Piazza Conca d'Oro) have a good selection too. I would really recommend's blogpost Don't settle for mediocre, tourist-orientated, additive-riddled gelato! Enjoy :)

Delmma says: 
Absolutely Loved this place. Went in 1998, it is now 2005, and I still rave about it to everyone I know. I hung onto their business card which has a map to their location, if anyone needs it. The cutest thing my sister and I saw was a Dish that looked liked spaghetti. The "pasta" was vanilla gelato, the "meatballs" were chocolate gelato, and the "sauce" was strawberry syrup. Their Fruit gelatos taste SO fresh, it was as if we were eating pureed flash frozen fruit. Buon Apetito!

Des says: 
A selection of chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry and vanilla soya ice cream! Guaranteed to end up with one messy daughter. Look for "gelato dei soia", also labelled as sugar free and low fat (we're all in it for our health after all). Very worth a visit. Apparently there's another serving soya ice cream at Caffe Fontana di Trevi nearby, but we couldn't find it.

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